Collection: Sassy & Lolla

Welcome to Sassy & Lolla.  This beautiful range of candles, wax melts & diffusers have been created using as many natural, sustainable, recycled & recyclable materials as possible.


Sassy & Lolla candles are made from 100% Sunflower wax.  A sustainable wax originating in Europe & refined right here in the South of England.  Sunflower wax is a lot softer than many other waxes on the market & as it cools after being used, it will produce some wonky tops & may discolour a little.  This is a quirk of this wonderful wax, however it is long lasting (over 45 hours) & holds scent beautifully. It is also a Vegan friendly wax as it contains no beeswax, soy or palm & is not made from GM crops.


Melts are made from a blend of rapeseed & coconut waxes.  Another sustainable & environmentally friendly wax, which melts quickly & holds scent beautifully when cold & hot.  You can expect our wax melts to last at least 2 uses, each with a 4 hour tealight.

Reed Diffusers

The Luxury reed diffusers are blended with a high quality oil base & our full fragrance range.  Our signature black reeds are made from natural materials &, if turned regularly, will fill your room with awesome fragrance. Our stylish square glass diffuser bottles are a huge 200ml.

Car Diffusers

The new car diffuser range come in the same incredible scents, for your car!  A small, round diffuser clips onto your air vent & emanates one of our beautiful scents throughout your car.